Stories published by the Clarion West Class of 2013 after attending the Writers Workshop. For more comprehensive bibliographies, please visit the writers' websites.

Helena Bell

"Rescuing Napoleon," Strange Horizons (forthcoming).

† Clarion West Week 2

"I've Come to Marry the Princess," Lightspeed Magazine Issue 78 (November 2016).

Reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017, ed. Rich Horton (forthcoming).

"When We Were Giants," Lightspeed Magazine (November 2015).

"Needle on Bone," Strange Horizons (November 2015).

"Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair (in Three Months)," Fireside Magazine (July 2015).

"Mouth," Lightspeed Magazine (May 2015).

"Lovecraft," Clarkesworld 97 (October 2014).

"Married," UPGRADED (September 2014).

† Clarion West Week 5

Reprinted in Escape Pod.

"The Things They Were Not Allowed to Carry," Daily Science Fiction (July 2014).

"Burial," The Dark (February 2014).

"Bones," Electric Velocipede 27.

"The Aliens Made of Glass," Indiana Review 35.2.

Reprinted in Escape Pod #451

"Entropy," Surreal South '13.

"Partial Inventory of Items Removed from Garden District Home, New Orleans, December 2005," Drabblecast #294.

† Clarion West Week 4

J. C. C.

Geetanjali Dighe

"The Last Dying Man," Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany Rosarium Publishing (August 2015).

David Edison

The Noonday Plague, Tor Books (forthcoming).

The Waking Engine, Tor Books (2014).

† Clarion West Application Story (excerpt)

Fabio Fernandes

"Nine Paths to Destruction," Shattered Prism (forthcoming).

"A Lover's Discourse: Five Fragments and a Memory of War," Grendelsong Magazine (June 2016).

"Other Metamorphoses," Lightspeed's POC Destroy Science Fiction (June 2016).

"Eleven Stations," Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany (August 2015).

"Nothing Hardcore to Me," Near to the Knuckle (May 2014) writing as Phil Casanueva.

"The Woman, Long After," Scigentasy (March 2014).

We See A Different Frontier (August 2013) Co-Editor.

Jennifer Giesbrecht

"Lazarus and the Amazing Kid Phoenix," Apex (July 2016).

† Clarion West Week 5

"You Can Go Anywhere," XIII (March 2015).

† Clarion West Week 3

"All My Princes Are Gone," Nightmare Magazine (August 2013).

Reprinted in Imaginarium 3: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing (November 2014).

Vince Haig (writing as Malcolm Devlin)

"What Little Boys Are Made Of," Nightscript Volume 3 (October 2017).

You Will Grow Into Them, Unsung Stories Press.

"The New Man," Interzone 270 (June 2017).

We Can Walk It Off Come the Morning," Shadows and Tall Trees 7.

"White Elephants," Nightscript Volume 2 (September 2016).

"Dogsbody," Black Static 54 (October 2016).

"The End of Hope Street," Interzone 266 (October 2016).

"Breadcrumbs," Interzone 264 (June 2016).

"Five Conversations with My Daughter, Who Travels in Time," Interzone 261 (December 2015).

"Taximan Rat," Gods, Memes, and Monsters: A 21st Century Bestiary (August 2015).

"Her First Harvest," Interzone 258 (May 2015).

"Two Brothers," Aickman's Heirs, Undertow Publications (May 2015).

"Must Supply Own Work Boots," Interzone (November 2014).

"Passion Play," Black Static 38 (January 2014).

† Clarion West Week 3

Nicole Idar

"The Naked Mole Rat Experiment," American Fiction Volume 15, New Rivers Press (2016).

† Clarion West Week 3

Alex Kane

Asphodel (March 2016)

"Fragile Magic," Exigencies (June 2015).

"Loud, for All the Stars to Hear," Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse (March 2014).

"Nootropic Software Blues," Spark: A Creative Anthology, Vol. IV (January 2014).

† Clarion West Application Story

"Liquid State," Dark Expanse (September 2013).

N.G. Lancaster

"Engines Rarely Seen," Heroic Fantasy Quarterly (August 2015).

Usman T. Malik

The Fortune of Sparrows," Black Feathers, ed. Ellen Datlow (February 2017).

"In the Ruins of Mohenjo-Daro," The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu.

"Going Home," Exigencies (June 2015).

"The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn," (April 2015).

Reprinted in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Vol 10, ed. Jonathan Strahan.

† British Fantasy Award Winner

"Laal Andhi," Truth or Dare (October 2014).

"Ishq," Black Static (November 2014).

Reprinted in Nightmare Magazine.

"Resurrection Points," Strange Horizons (August 2014).

Reprinted in The Year's Best Weird Fiction, Vol 9, ed. Michael Kelly and Kathe Koja.

Reprinted in The Year's Best YA Speculative Fiction 2014 (forthcoming).

Reprinted in The Year's Best Dark Fantasy And Horror 2015 ed. by Paula Guran (forthcoming).

† Clarion West Week 3

"The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistan Family," Qualia Nous (August 2014).

Reprinted in Midnight in Karachi Podcast at (January 2015).

Reprinted in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Vol 9, ed. Jonathan Strahan.

Reprinted in Apex Book of World SF 4, ed. Lavie Tidhar and Mahvesh Murad

† Nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Short Story

† Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction

† Clarion West Week 2

"Blood Women," Chiral Mad 2 (December 2013).

Reprinted in Pseudopod (June 2014)

† Clarion West Application Story

"Pinned and Wriggling on the Wall," Daily Science Fiction (June 2013).

Liam Meilleur

Shannon Peavey

"Dust Devils," Beneath Ceaseless Skies (forthcoming).

"Mirabilis," Podcastle (July 2016).

"Millepora," Flash Fiction Online (March 2016).

"Black Hearts," Pseudopod 476 (February 2016).

† Clarion West Week 6

"White Elephant," Flash Fiction Online (October 2015).

"Snake-Oil Salesman," Beneath Ceaseless Skies (April 2015).

† Clarion West Application Story

"Nothing Goes to Waste," Lightspeed Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Special Issue.

† Clarion West Week 1

"Some People Belong Inside," Masters Review (April 2015).

† Clarion West Week 2

"A Beautiful Memory," Apex Magazine (March 2015).

† Clarion West Week 4

"Animal Magnetism," Urban Fantasy Magazine (January 2015).

† Clarion West Week 3

"At First Glance," Daily Science Fiction (October 2014).

"Good Kids," Daily Science Fiction (August 2014).

"Dogs from Other Places," Intergalactic Medicine Show (March 2014).

"Scavengers," Writers of the Future XXIX (June 2013).

"Saltcedars," Daily Science Fiction (February 2014).

Kelly M. Sandoval

"Love is a Locked Box and the Ocean on Her Lips," Shattered Prism (forthcoming).

"A Menagerie of Grief," Flash Fiction Online (December 2016).

"Siren Seeking," Sirens, ed by Rhonda Parrish (July 2016).

"Small Magics," Metamorphosis (June 2016).

† Clarion West Application Story

"Watering Silk Flowers," Nature (June 206).

"The Wolf and the Tower Unwoven," Uncanny Issue 9 (April 2016).

† Clarion West Week 4

"The Stories She Tells Herself," Daily Science Fiction (April 2016).

"Memory and Iron," Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (April 2016).

"The Right Sort of Monsters," Strange Horizons (April 2016).

"The Retelling of Jeremiah," Flash Fiction Online (2016).

"The Soul Mate Requirement," Intergalactic Medicine Show (2016).

"A Promise Kept By Candle Flame," Daily Science Fiction (August 2015).

Reprinted in The Overcast

"Mirrorskinned," Flash Fiction Online (2015).

† Clarion West Week 1

"All the Lovely Brides," Grimdark Magazine Issue 3.

"The One They Took Before," Shimmer Magazine (December 2014).

Reprinted in The Best American SF & Fantasy 2015, ed. John Joseph Adams and Joe Hill.

Reprinted in Podcastle.

† Clarion West Week 2

"Everyone Will Want One," Asimov's Science Fiction (September 2014).

Reprinted in Escape Pod.

† Clarion West Week 5

"Home Isn't," Flash Fiction Online (June 2014).

Reprinted in Cast of Wonders.

"In Another Life," Daily Science Fiction (October 2013).

Reprinted in Escape Pod.

Reprinted in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (forthcoming).

Allison Solano

Doc Yeti Fuk'son Yeti Detective Agency

Hugo Xiong

JY Yang

"但愿人长久," (forthcoming).

"Auspicium Melioris Aevi," Uncanny (forthcoming).

"The Red Threads of Fortune," (forthcoming).

"The Black Tides of Heaven," (forthcoming).

A Burner of Sins,"Elements: Fire (March 2017).

Glass Lights," The Djinn Falls in Love (March 2017).

"Small Bones," Glittership (January 2017).

Ya-ya Papaya," (reprint), Pornokitsch.

"Pocket Cities," In Transit (November 2016).

"Before the Storm Hits," sub-Q (August 2016).

"The Beachings," Sockdolager (Fall 2016).

"Transfers To Connecting Flights," Alphabet of Embers, Stone Bird Press (Fall 2016).

"Four and Twenty Blackbirds," Lightspeed's POC Destroy SF (June 2016)

"The Blood That Pulses in the Veins of One," Uncanny (May 2016).

"Her Majesty's Lamborghini And The Girl With The Fishtank," LONTAR #6 (2016).

† Clarion West Week 4

"Secondhand Bodies," Lightspeed (January 2016).

"Song Of The Krakenmaid," Lackington's (November 2015).

"Temporary Saints," Fireside 28 (October 2015).

"A House of Anxious Spiders," The Dark (August 2015).

"Letter From An Artist To A Thousand Future Versions Of Her Wife," Lightspeed Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Special Issue (June 2015).

† Clarion West Week 1

"Re: (For CEO's Approval) Text for 10th anniversary exhibition for Operation Springclean," Bahamut Journal Vol 1 (Summer 2015).

"Red is the Colour of Mother Dirt," Athena's Daughter's Vol 2.

"A Sister's Weight in Stone," Apex (May 2015).

† Clarion West Week 3

"Mothers Day," LONTAR.

"Cold Hands And The Smell Of Salt," Daily Science Fiction (January 2015).

Reprinted in The Epigram Books Collection of Best New Singaporean Short Stories: Volume Two.

"Patterns of a Murmuration, in Billions of Data Points," Clarkesworld Magazine (September 2014).

"Harvestfruit," Crossed Genres (July 2014).

"Storytelling For The Night Clerk," Strange Horizons (June 2014).

"Tiger Baby," In The Belly Of The Cat (October 2013).

Reprinted in Lackington's (Winter 2015).

Reprinted in Apex Book of World SF 4, ed. Lavie Tidhar and Mahvesh Murad

"Old Domes," We See a Different Frontier (August 2013).

Reprinted in Clarkesworld (October 2016).

E. Lily Yu

"The White-Throated Transmigrant," (forthcoming).

A Quiet Night in the Library," Hellboy: An Assortment of Horror, edited by Christopher Golden (August 2017).

"The Wretched and the Beautiful," Terraform (February 2017)

"Darkout," Cyber World, ed. Josh Viola and Jason Heller (November 2016).

"The Witch of Orion Waste and the Boy Knight," Uncanny 12 (October 2016).

"Paul Fitch's Slap-Bang Fracas With Mister Delusio," Daily Science Fiction (September 2016).

The Gardener and the King's Menagerie," Bracken Magazine (August 2016).

"Braid of Days and Wake of Nights," The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (Jan/Feb 2016).

† Clarion West Week 4

"Woman at Exhibition," Uncanny Magazine (forthcoming).

† Clarion West Week 2

"Local Stop on the Floating Train," Terraform (December 2014)

† Clarion West Week 1

"Musée de l'Âme Seule," UPGRADED (September 2014).

"Daedalum, the Devil's Wheel," Clarkesworld Magazine (December 2013).

† Clarion West Week 6

"The Pilgrim and the Angel," McSweeney's 45 (December 2013).

Reprinted in Podcastle #346 (January 2015)

Reprinted in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Vol 8, ed. Jonathan Strahan.

"The Urashima Effect," Clarkesworld (June 2013).

"The Forgetting Shiraz," Boston Review (May/June 2013).

Ilse, Who Saw Clearly," Apex Magazine (May 2013).

Reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2014, ed. Rich Horton.

"Loss, with Chalk Diagrams," Eclipse Online (March 2013).

Reprinted in Escape Pod #411 (August 2013).

Reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2014, ed. Rich Horton.

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